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Due to its ideal situation at the canal, next to a railway junction and close to the motorway, Laeken is an ideal place to do business.

Benefits of doing business in Laeken

  1. Laeken is easily accessible for staff and suppliers from outside Brussels.
  2. Laeken is close to Brussels international airport, which connects with the important business destinations  (20 minutes by car; 40 minutes by train).
  3. Laeken is 10 minutes from the North station and 20 minutes from the South station (high speed train to Paris, Amsterdam, Köln and London).
  4. Laeken is served by 5 subway stations on line 6. There is also a dense bus network.
  5. The bycicles of Villo make moving around in, to and from Laeken very easy.
  6. The harbour of Brussels is in Laeken.
  7. The good accessibility of Laeken makes it a valable alternative compared to the Brussels city center, especially since the implementation in the center of the pedestrian zone.
  8. Laeken  has modern and payable office spaces.
  9. The authorities are investing in the development of the commercial zones around the canal and Tour & Taxis.


They are in Laeken

Greenbizz c’est le nouveau pôle de développement pour les filières économiques vertes et durables à Bruxelles. Notre mission : accueillir les start-ups innovantes et les jeunes entreprises actives dans le domaine de l’économie durable en leur fournissant un accompagnement sur mesure dans le développement de leur projet. Situé à Laeken, non loin de Tour & Taxi, les jeunes entrepreneurs y trouveront 2.500m2 d’espaces de bureau en formule « all in » comprenant un ensemble de services partagés. Le bâtiment dispose également de 5.000m2 d’ateliers de production dédiés aux entreprises désirant établir leur production durable au cœur de Bruxelles.

Jean-Marc Bryskere CEO

Mamé Noka Coffee Roaster @Greenbizz.Brussels

I’am Quentin CASTEL a social entrepreneur who founded Mamé Noka Cofee Roaster. Previously I was a primary school teacher in Sint-Agatha-Berchem. Father of two lovely girls.

Mamé Noka Coffee Roaster was the first Start-Up installed at Greenbizz.Brussels.
The idea, ultimately, is to be able to connect coffee lovers in Brussels with coffee producers around the world. The selection of coffees is more than fair and from September 2017 partly ORGANIC. For Mamé Noka "Specialty Coffee" is an engine and a tool to provide a social and environmental impact while drinking your morning brew.

My dream is to ship coffee from origin by sailboat and unload the shipment at the port of Brussels. I also absolutely wanted to be part of the Greenbizz.Brussels project. And Laeken is also connected with the A12 “the belgian coffee road”.

Mamé Noka wants to help this part of Laeken known for its old glory to modify its image. Offering an informal and creative economy while cohabiting with other functions of Laeken. In the long term Mamé Noka could improve the quality of life in the canal area for the benefit of its inhabitants and its users by collaborating with the socio-cultural actors of the area.

Who doesn’t want to be active in the town where Annie Cordy and Stromae where raised? :)

Quentin CASTEL