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I am local - Citizens’ initiatives

 Au bord de l’eau

Located at the canal, around the Monument of Labour, Au bord de l’eau is an initiative of neighbours to brighten up the atmosphere of a part of the canal and connect the various communities living in this area.


© C. HoornaertInitiated as a citizens’ initiative at the Maison de la Création – Site Gare, BookSwapSalon has become a fix venue in the Bockstael area. It recently moved to the headquarters of the Maison de la Création, located at Place Bockstael, to become part of the programme “Dimanche à la Maison“, but its main concept is still the same: exchange of books, coffee and cookies to chat and meet neighbours. BookSwapSalon is also participating at the Fête de la Soupe (25 March 2018) and the Floral Market (6 May 2018). Come along and swap some books!

COOP La(e)ken

COOP La(e)ken is an association found with the aim of establishing a cooperative supermarket, a cosy bar and/or an integrated (alternative) bookstore in the Bockstael area.


Th© P. FridrichFarmtruck is the mobile antenna of the Parckfarm. Is is a kind of foodtruck that canbe turned into a cinema on wheels, an animation platform or even a cooking workshop.


© P. Fridrich

Initially a network to distribute organic food baskets, Galinette has grown to a market of local producers and alternative “after work” every 3rd Friday of the month (from March to October). The market is entirely set up by volunteers with the support of Parckfarm, where it takes place, and the Ruche Qui dit Oui of Molenbeek.

Kiosque à graines

© Kiosque à graines

A groupe of inhabitants have invested a deserted piece of land belonging to the STIB to learn how to plant and to grow vegetables together. Kiosque à graines, a movable bike-kiosque, was born to go and spread this knowledge among other people living in the Bockstael area and beyond.

Lakense Manden / Les paniers de Laeken

© Les Paniers de LaekenLakense Manden / Les paniers de Laeken is an association of volunteers who distribute baskets with organic seasonal vegetables and fruit.


© P. FridrichBuild up for the festival Parckdesign in 2014, this greenhouse in the center of the then newly opened Tour&Taxis park became so popular that the inhabitants mobilised to make it stay. It stayed and became an important cultural meeting point for locals of all three communes this park is bordering – Molenbeek, Jette and Laeken/Brussels. More and more people from other parts of Brussels discover this area thanks to the presence of the Parckfarm.


Winter Wonderland Willems

December 16, 2017

Winter Wonderland Willems

Ambiance festive, un peu alternative ce weekend sur la Place Willems : les Winter Pop-ups, événements satellites des Plaisirs d’hiver du centre-ville, se sont installés à Laeken. Certes, on aurait plutôt rêvé d’un Marché de Noël au Parvis Notre Dame, ou encore d’une patinoire sur la Place Bockstael, mais la magie passe aussi par cette petite […]

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Winter pop  – Plaisir d’hiver à La(e)ken

December 12, 2017

Winter pop – Plaisir d’hiver à La(e)ken

Cette année, winter pop sera à Laeken le 15-16-17 décembre 2017: un village itinérant intimiste et chaleureux dans lequel on retrouvera l’atmosphère enjouée des Plaisirs d’Hiver. Plusieurs petites roulottes créeront une ambiance conviviale grâce à de multiples animations pour petits et grands : contes, musique, cirque, échanges culturels avec les acteurs locaux, petite restauration… Laeken.Brussels y sera aussi le 15 […]

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Heraanleg Bockstaelplein / Réaménagement Place Bockstael

November 5, 2017

Heraanleg Bockstaelplein / Réaménagement Place Bockstael

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Faces of Laeken

October 14, 2017

Faces of Laeken

Friday, October 13, 2017 Laeken.Brussels ASBL was present at the opening of Faces of Laeken, an outdoor exhibition on the wall of the Laeken cemetery. Isabelle Vanassche made pictures of locals associated with specific places in Laeken.

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Welcome / Welkom / Bienvenue

June 5, 2017

Welcome / Welkom / Bienvenue

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