Laeken.Brussels VZW is a non-profit association created in 2016 at the initiative of Régine Feltkamp, Patricia Fridrich, Serge Malaisse and Christophe Batan-Lapeyre. Considering that Laeken is a beautiful place with lots of things going on without this information being centralised, the first three each started individual initiatives on social media to promote this area of Brussels. Their initiatives crossed and it seemed logic to join forces. Christophe, being also active in Laeken, joined the team to create the association.

Laeken.Brussels is dedicated to the development of Laeken by:

– promoting the social and cultural life in Laeken and any activity related to the life and development of Laeken;
– promoting social interactivity and cohesion between the inhabitants of Laeken;
– promoting the discovery of Laeken amongst tourists, inhabitants and businesses;
– reinforcing the identity and the visibility of Laeken.

One of the tools to promote Laeken is a website. This website is thus one of the projects of Laeken.Brussels. For this project financial support was granted by the city of Brussels.

Laeken.Brussels however aims for more. Any ideas are welcome!

Anybody living in Laeken can become member of this non-profit association (min. 5 EUR natural person; legal person min. 10 EUR) and contribute actively or passively to the development of Laeken. You can also contribute in one of the following ways:

  • provide content (e.g. by sending pictures; if they are of good quality, we will use them with mention of your name), participate to the organisation of our activities, participate actively to promoting Laeken a.o. via social media,…;
  • donate
  • become a sponsor

Interested? Please send a mail to info@Laeken.Brussels

Our account n° : BE 22 5230 8083 7047


Board of directors

Yussef El Azhari (treasurer)

Régine Feltkamp (secretary)

Patricia Fridrich

Serge Malaisse (chairman)

Philippe Lemoine

Barbara Louwagie



Wim Didelez

Alex Fostier

Laca VZW