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Liaison office Laeken (administrative cel of the city of Brussels)

Laeken is not an independent commune with its own city council but forms part of  the city of Brussels. Laeken is thus not governed by an autonomous city administration.

Laeken  however offers an administrative service that enables citizens to settle a great deal of their administrative matters without needing to go to the city centre.

The following procedures can be carried out in Laeken and certain acts and documents can be obtained here:

  • ID card
  • passport
  • driving licence
  • work permit
  • domestic composition
  • certificate of nationality
  • proof of residence
  • certificate of life
  • copy or an abstract of the certificate of the registry office (of birth from 1991, marriage from 1992, divorce from 1995, deaths from 1991, nationality from 1994, suppletory acts from 1998)
    • attention: some certificates are not delivered immediately
  • mention a change of address on the certificate of registration
  • legalisation of a signature
  • certified true copy of documents in French or in Dutch
  • declaration of change of address
  • parental consent for a journey abroad
  • extract of the police records
  • dispensation for the pollution peaks
  • local resident card and parking cards
  • information and forms concerning Electoral Affairs
  • demand of retirement pension
  • cards for disabled
  • registration living will for euthanasia
  • act as a guarantor (annex 3bis)
  • hand over acts from the register office records from abroad
  • organ donation

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Sustainable District Contract

The Bockstael district contract is the 15th district contract of the City of Brussels.

New infrastructure and public space projects as well as socio-economic activities (housing, education and employment, youth, environment and culture) are presented in the base file.

The elaboration of this program relies on a participatory process in which local residents, users and associations from the neighbourhood are brought together by establishing a District Commission, organising general meetings and working groups.

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Winter Wonderland Willems

December 16, 2017

Winter Wonderland Willems

Ambiance festive, un peu alternative ce weekend sur la Place Willems : les Winter Pop-ups, événements satellites des Plaisirs d’hiver du centre-ville, se sont installés à Laeken. Certes, on aurait plutôt rêvé d’un Marché de Noël au Parvis Notre Dame, ou encore d’une patinoire sur la Place Bockstael, mais la magie passe aussi par cette petite […]

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Winter pop  – Plaisir d’hiver à La(e)ken

December 12, 2017

Winter pop – Plaisir d’hiver à La(e)ken

Cette année, winter pop sera à Laeken le 15-16-17 décembre 2017: un village itinérant intimiste et chaleureux dans lequel on retrouvera l’atmosphère enjouée des Plaisirs d’Hiver. Plusieurs petites roulottes créeront une ambiance conviviale grâce à de multiples animations pour petits et grands : contes, musique, cirque, échanges culturels avec les acteurs locaux, petite restauration… Laeken.Brussels y sera aussi le 15 […]

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Heraanleg Bockstaelplein / Réaménagement Place Bockstael

November 5, 2017

Heraanleg Bockstaelplein / Réaménagement Place Bockstael

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Faces of Laeken

October 14, 2017

Faces of Laeken

Friday, October 13, 2017 Laeken.Brussels ASBL was present at the opening of Faces of Laeken, an outdoor exhibition on the wall of the Laeken cemetery. Isabelle Vanassche made pictures of locals associated with specific places in Laeken.

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Welcome / Welkom / Bienvenue

June 5, 2017

Welcome / Welkom / Bienvenue

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